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We absolutely had a blast!! Loved Rick T. Thought he was cool and very accommodating!! He was great!! They would like to request Rick for any future trips!

Thank you and your staff for always being so friendly and helpful.

Our trip with Adventure Limo was fantastic! Both drivers were friendly and professional, and we were dropped off and picked up on time. The van was a perfect size for the seven of us and our luggage. We were really pleased overall. This was actually my first time using Adventure Limo for a trip – I’m glad I did! Thanks for all of your assistance with everything! Enjoy the rest of the week!

I had an awesome trip to DHMC in Lebanon this afternoon. It is a medical trip for my daughter. Rick is a very friendly driver, A good one too. I highly recommend Adventure Limousin for everyone. The car is very clean and well kept. Thank you, Rick. You are the best driver and someone I can trust for a safety reason. I am impressed and very satisfied.

The concert was fantastic, we had an amazing time! The limo ride was great! It was so nice not having to worry about getting to the venue. We could just sit back and relax. The driver arrived to pick us up early and was very polite.

Access2Care is care is contracted with Adventure Limousine, Inc. to provide non-emergency medical transportation for our Medicaid patients. Adventure Limo covers mainly Cheshire County in NH, but assits and has availability to cover the entire state of NH when needed. Adventure Limo provides our patients with safe and reliable service. The drivers are very professional and courteous, as well as the dispatch and other staff. They handle all of our business with us in a professional, prompt, and courteous manner. They always respond in a timely manner if we have any questions and are very willing to work with us should we need to make changes to our schedules even last minute. They go above and beyond to accomodate all our requests and are always available to assist in any situation when needed. The personnel at Adventure Limousine are always available via email or phone for their clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Adventure Limousine to any business for their transportation needs.

As far as next year goes, I would vote yes with your company. We have been very happy with your service and enjoy your staff. They have provided our student with safe transportation and we appreciate your kindness to her and our staff.

We absolutely had a blast!! Loved Rick T. Thought he was cool and very accommodating!! He was great!! They would like to request Rick for any future trips!

We had an excellent time this weekend! Our driver, Chris, was great! You were right about the Excalibur turning heads!

Very Pleased with the driver, he was extremely helpful!

I moved to Keene about a year and a half ago – Since then have been using the Taxi Service around town at various times of day & early evenings. I have been very happy with the overall service from not only Drivers – but the Office Staff is very caring and always looking out to make sure I make it to my appointments on time! When I can – to help I book in advance – and now it’s even easier because I can text my reservation directly to the office 24/7. I am thrilled that Adventure Limousine is doing what they can to help people move around the community – and making it as easy as possible for us to do so – and it provides written confirmation for my record keeping – so I always have my pricing at my fingertips – TO ALL OF ADVENTURE… Please know I, as a new member of Keene – THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!